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Block Paving

Block paving has come a long way since its introduction into this country in the early 80s. There are now over 10 major manufacturers providing a vast array of products with long manufacturer's guarantees. We do not limit ourselves to one or two manufacturer's products & often use a combination on a particular job to realise our designs.

All driveways & patios are installed over a PolyFelt non-woven geotextile membrane. This prevents cross-contamination of sub-base & sub-grade materials. It also more evenly distributes any load (such as a vehicle) and hinders growth of plant material from beneath.

We also pride ourselves on being one of the very few companies to seal our block paving as standard, leaving the paving looking as new for much longer. We also offer a 2-coat acrylic sealant instead of the standard joint bond that improves block colour, repels dirt, oil, grease etc & keeps the driveway looking as new for much longer. It also reduces maintenance.

Tegula Timeless Paving System

The Tobermore Tegula Timeless Paving System is now becoming as popular as regular block paving for our customers. The slightly speedier installation time offsets some of the higher materials cost & allows us to offer very competitivly priced beautiful paving.

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Regular Block Paving

The traditional 200x100mm block paving, still very popular & now in an amazing array of colours from Tobermore, Plasmor, Bret, Charcon & Marshalls.

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